China on April 10, 2010

Agenda for MUM in China, APRIL 2010

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Apr 09, Friday

Hora Presentación Archivos Video
18:00 Meet and greet others and MikroTik, early registration, free drinks - -

Apr 10, Saturday

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08:00 Registration begins. Bring your printed barcode badge. - -
09:00 Distributor exhibit hall, meet and greet - -
10:00 Introduction by Arnis Riekstins (MikroTik, Latvia) - -
10:45 Wireless installation tips and Workshop: How easy to setup Wireless Hotspot with Mikrotik by Andrew Zheng (EDCwifi, China) - -
11:30 Bandwidth Management by Site by Harijanto Pribadi (PT. Data Utama Dinamika, Indonesia) - -
12:15 Lunch time. Free for paying visitors. - -
13:45 Case Study or Workshop by Yu Song (CDnat, China) - -
14:30 RouterBOARD Application at junior high School computer LAB by Luo Jiahua (China) - -
15:15 Nine wireless hacks by Jesse Liu (Convergingstream Technologies, Inc , China) - -
16:00 Building a customized router by Lv Li (China) - -
16:45 Raffle and Closing of MUM - -

Perfiles de los oradores y sinopsis de las presentaciones

Registration begins. Bring your printed barcode badge.

Before coming to the MUM, make sure you have registered on-line and printed your registration ticket with barcode. Bring this with you, when arriving.


About MikroTik, MUM and RouterBOARD

Nine wireless hacks

Topic: Hack 1. Wireless client isolate Hack 2. Frequency Selection Hack 3. Access list and Security profile Hack 4. Wireless client bandwidth control Hack 5. Virtual AP and VLAN Hack 6. Wireless Distribution System Hack 7. Turbo mode (up to 108Mbps) Hack 8. 802.11n (up to 300Mbps) Hack 9. Dual radio Point-to-Point mode