Colombia on November 18 - 19, 2010

Agenda for MUM in Colombia, NOVEMBER 2010

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Nov 17, Wednesday

Time More info Files Video
18:00 MUM Meet and greet, free drinks, early MUM registration. Bring printed badge for registration. - -

Nov 18, Thursday

Time More info Files Video
08:00 MUM registration begins. Bring printed badge for registration. - -
09:00 Opening and Introduction, New products and features by Normunds Rustanovics (MikroTik, Latvia) - -
09:45 Multi-Enlaces Inalámbricos de Alta Capacidad by Andres Castro (Intelioffice, Colombia) - -
10:30 Agribusiness Networks by Victor Mas (Teldat, Peru) - -
11:15 3G modem workshop by Arnis Riekstins (MikroTik, Latvia) - -
12:00 Lunch time. Lunch is free if you paid for your ticket - -
13:30 MikroTik Partnership programs for consultants, trainers and resellers by Edmunds Aperans (MikroTik, Latvia) - -
14:15 Step by Step instruction to get more than 200 Mbps on Outdoor links with RB800 and R52HN by G MAGALLANES (Teledata, Colombia) - -
15:00 Hotspot solutions by Rafael Gonzales (Global Target, Colombia) - -

Nov 19, Friday

Time More info Files Video
08:00 MUM registration. Bring printed badge for registration. Distributor exhibit hall, meet and greet - -
09:00 Implementacion mikrotik en diferentes entornos, colegios, empresas pyme, ISP, etc. by Camilo Jaraba Corzo (Digital Business DBX Ltda, Colombia) - -
09:45 Videosurveillance through wireless networks by Jose Felipe Mendoza (Soluciones y Cableados Ltda, Colombia) - -
10:30 Evitando Interferências e otimizando células multiponto em um AP rodando RouterOS by Luciano Franz (Computech Tecnologia, Brazil) - -
11:15 Anywhere Internet Wi-Fi by Andres Camino (Rediamerica S.A., Ecuador) - -
12:00 Lunch time. Lunch is free if you paid for your ticket - -
13:30 Presentation or Workshop by Andres Castro (Intelioffice, Colombia) - -
14:15 Webproxy: Introducción y tips para mejorar el servicio by Mario Clep (MKE Solutions, Argentina) - -
15:00 Implementacion de Hotspot en Hotel Plaza Rosa, Estructura de dificil acceso de senal Wi-Fi by Juan Manuel Diaz Gomez (Global Target S.A., Colombia) - -
15:45 Telecomunicaciones Rurales en Peru by David Escobedo Rios (COMUNICACIONES Y TELEMATICA S.A.C, Peru) - -
16:30 Raffle and closing of MUM - -

Speaker Profiles and Presentation Abstracts

Step by Step instruction to get more than 200 Mbps on Outdoor links with RB800 and R52HN

We will show pictures of the link elements (Radios, antennas, etc..), screenshots of Link sequence and bandwidth management test. Finally we will explain the technical basis of the success on getting greater throughput from the same given hardware.

Videosurveillance through wireless networks

A case study will be presented. Case: we will explain the implementation of a CCTV centralized system integrated by more than 40 cameras in 20 remote sites. A network with MikroTik equipment was built which allowed to connect cameras in a distance of more than 20 kms, receiving real time images.

Anywhere Internet Wi-Fi

Basically we have developed a system that uses Intranet for video and music applications, we also have a contract with Linkotel, which is a thelephone company where we have a wireless link of 20Mbps made with Mikrotik which has no cost becasue we just buy telephone lines, and sell the entire project under a brand: Anywhere. Which is Internet, Intranet and Ip Telephony. All of our core implementation is done with Mikrotik because of the strenght of Queues and Firewall (Mangle specifically).

Telecomunicaciones Rurales en Peru

La Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, trabaja incondicionalmente desde hace mos de 10 aoos como un grupo de investigacion que en la actualidad forma parte de la Seccion de Telecomunicaciones, oficialmente reconocida desde el 2005 por el Estado Peruano. Trabaja en el desarrollo e investigacion de tecnologos de telecomunicaciones aplicadas al servicio de las poblaciones rurales usando como plataforma de operaciones y de desarrollo Mikrotik RouterOS. Los proyectos desarrolladosmteria de esta exposicion brinda herramientas para estrechar la brecha digital y vencer la situacion de aislamiento personal, profesional y productivo de los pobladores de zonas rurales en los espacios de intervencion. Se plantea una solucion tecnologica de bajo costo para enlaces de largo alcance de banda ancha, diseoados para su aplicacion, distribucion y ensamble de acuerdo a las exigencias y necesidades del sector rural.