Bulgaria on November 06, 2014

Agenda for MUM in Bulgaria, NOVEMBER 2014

updated on 2015-10-27 09:47:26 GMT+02:00

Nov 06, Thursday

時間 プレゼンテーション ファイル Video
08:00 Check-in and Exhibitor hall opens. Bring your printed tickets! - -
09:15 Opening and introduction, new products by Normunds Rustanovics (MikroTik, Latvia) - -
10:15 MikroTik Academy at SULSIT by Dobri Boyadzhiev (UniBIT, Bulgaria) - -
10:45 Load balancing - обща представа, реализация с политики за маршрутизация, демонстрация by Petar Dimitrov (PG NET PRO Ltd., Bulgaria) - -
11:30 The better PHP API by Васил Рангелов (ММ Компютърс ЕООД, Bulgaria) - -
12:00 Lunch - -
13:00 Secure your WIFI Network today by Ahmad Mortazavi (Deltalink, Turkey) - -
13:45 RouterBOARDs and Alternative Power case study by Jaromir Cihak (SysDataCom, Czech Republic) - -
14:10 Guest presentation (sign up) - -
14:55 Raffle and closing of MUM - -
15:10 Evening drinks (beer and soft drinks) sponsored by MikroTik, socializing and networking - -


MikroTik Academy at SULSIT

The presentation will cover topics related to MikroTik Academy (MA) Program, information about creating the first MikroTik Academy in Bulgaria at State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, creating a discipline and its integration into the curriculum. The presentation is not technically oriented, but rather related to the procedures relating to the integration of the МА program at the University.

Load balancing - обща представа, реализация с политики за маршрутизация, демонстрация

Mikrotik RouterOS предоставя различни начини за разпределение на трафика. Тази презентация ще демонстрира стъпките за реализация на базова конфигурация за разпределение на трафика с политики за маршрутизация.

The better PHP API

One of the many ways to connect to RouterOS is via the so called \API\ protocol, which is intended for use by applications (i.e. not humans), running on remote devices. This presentation will provide a closer look at one client implementation of this protocol for PHP, and will also include frequent issues on first time deployment in general with the API protocol.