Middle East on October 17, 2016

Agenda for MUM in Middle East, OCTOBER 2016

updated on 2016-10-25 12:29:41 GMT+03:00

Oct 17, Monday

Hora Presentación Archivos Video
08:00 Check-in and Exhibitor hall opens. Bring your printed tickets! - -
09:00 Opening and introduction, new products by MikroTik presentation file presentation video
09:45 Best BGP practice for Service provider by Ali Sami Jaber (MikroTik 4 Middle East, Iraq) - presentation video
10:30 System integration and analysis by José Manuel Román Fernández-Checa (fibercli.com, Spain) presentation file presentation video
11:15 Practical Dude configuration by Mani Raissdana (M.IT.S Co., Turkey) presentation file presentation video
11:45 The Solution for Managing Wireless Users with MikroTik RouterOS by Mohammad Javad Sabri (MikroTik, United Arab Emirates) presentation file presentation video
12:15 Lunchtime - -
13:45 WISP using MikroTik CapsMan by Shakeel Khan (Dreams Network & Technology Pvt Ltd, Pakistan) presentation file presentation video
14:15 Implementing SSTP & OVPN by Pooria Taabbodi (Neda Gostar Saba Co.(Sabanet Co.), United Arab Emirates) presentation file presentation video
15:00 CAPsMAN Quick Setup Guide by Georgios Argyrides (Greece) presentation file presentation video
15:45 RouterOS Network Planning with GNS3 by Michael Omondi (Lockstep IT Africa, Kenya) presentation file presentation video
16:30 Ensuring uptime with VRRP, OSPF and BFD by Federico Martín Perdichizzi (Federico Martin Perdichizzi, Argentina) presentation file presentation video
17:15 Raffle and closing of MUM - -
17:45 Drinks sponsored by MikroTik, socializing and networking - -

Perfiles de los oradores y sinopsis de las presentaciones

Best BGP practice for Service provider

Best practice of using BGP for External connection ( eBGP) and for local network backbone connectivity (BGP as IGP) . this pretension mission is to have practical information of how to implement BGP by using MIkrotik ROS capability. by presenting most practical example of network topology.

System integration and analysis

In this presentation we will see concepts of management systems integration in Mikrotik networks. We explain how advanced systems such as centralized syslog systems, monitoring with alarms and authentication are integrated. Jose Manuel Roman is Mikrotik trainer and security consultant.

Practical Dude configuration

As MikroTik recently has released new version of Dude with proper package for CCR, CHR and X86, I want to demonstrate practical Dude configuration to fit your requirements

The Solution for Managing Wireless Users with MikroTik RouterOS

Setting up hotspot for mall and hotel and airport and so on, also setting up usermanager for managing users on hotspot.

Implementing SSTP & OVPN

As First Step We learn Some Basic Concepts about Encryption Methods and Certificate and After That We Learn How to Implement and Configure MikroTik Router Board as SSTP and OVPN Server.

At the End We Learn How to Configure Microsoft Windows as a SSTP and OVPN Client....

CAPsMAN Quick Setup Guide

This presentation includes CAPsMAN Quick Setup,review of CAPsMAN versions,
Latest CAPsMAN new features,Some Wireless-rep new features ,Instructions how to maintain a failover controller (CAPsMAN)

RouterOS Network Planning with GNS3

Planning is of the most critical phase of any project. To have success in deploying a network it is importing to take the time and necessary tools to help plan.
I intend to demonstrate using RouterOS with GNS3 to simulate a network and test out the configurations that would best work out for given scenarios.

Ensuring uptime with VRRP, OSPF and BFD

We will use VRRP, combined with OSPF and BFD to ensure failover and 24/7 uptime on a two links network enviroment.