Nigeria on November 28, 2017

Agenda de MUM Nigeria, NOVEMBER 2017

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Nov 28, Tuesday

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09:00 Check-in and Exhibitor hall opens. Bring your printed tickets - -
10:00 Opening and introduction, new products by MikroTik by Sergejs Boginskis (MikroTik) presentation file presentation video
10:45 IPV6 MikroTik Implementation by Mani Raissdana presentation file presentation video
11:30 Secured IP Telephony by Dapo Omolokun - presentation video
12:00 Cloud Based Network monitoring and Users Authentication by Bamidele Richard Amire (NISTech Ltd, Nigeria) presentation file presentation video
12:30 Lunch with paid tickets - -
14:00 Securing Connections with SSL Certificates in Router OS by Magnus Ezugu presentation file presentation video
14:45 Starting a low-budget WISP using Mikrotik by Elia Fiumalbo Tino Spadoni (Spadhausen Internet Provider, Italy) presentation file presentation video
15:30 Port Forwarding to SIP by Ajibola Olayemi (Biztech Infrastructure Systems Limited, Nigeria) presentation file presentation video
15:45 QoS & Bandwidth Management in RouterOS v6.x by Oluyinka Thomas presentation file presentation video
16:15 Wireless Single SSID by Tokunbo Omolokun presentation file presentation video
17:00 Raffle and closing of MUM - -

Perfiles de los oradores y sinopsis de las presentaciones

IPV6 MikroTik Implementation

IPv6 as its crucial to get in to it URGENTLY, there
is no way out! IPv6 is the only future IP Network,
table of content:

1-What is IPV6
2-Why IPV6
3-Why MikroTik
4-Assigment and Distribution
5-Simple IPV6 Mikrotik Network
6-Advance IPV6 Mikrotik Network

Cloud Based Network monitoring and Users Authentication

Cloud Based Network monitoring and User Authentication for users across multiple sites without public IP addresses.

Managing users that are connected or attempting to connect to remote hotspot networks that does not have public IP address and Monitoring these networks using cloud hosted routers. Cheap and effective solutions with MikroTik RouterOS

Starting a low-budget WISP using Mikrotik

We would like to show how to start-up a WISP with a very low budget, focusing on optimization and semplicity of configuration, allowing the less experts to run it. We would like to show our personal case, how our company started as a lone-man-company to grow as a regional wisp with 13+ employees.

Port Forwarding to SIP

I will like to show how port forwarding and destination NAT can be used in Mikrotik with the IP/PBX application for 3CX and the ports to open.