Indonesia on November 06 - 07, 2009

Agenda for MUM in Indonesia, NOVEMBER 2009

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Nov 05, Thursday

Time More info Files Video
17:00 Welcome Drinks and MUM Check-in - -

Nov 06, Friday

Time More info Files Video
08:00 Check in, bring barcoded Badge - -
09:00 Distributor exhibit hall, meet and greet - -
09:30 Opening and introduction by Janis Jankovskis (MikroTik, Latvia) - -
09:45 RouterBOARD roadmap by Janis Jankovskis (MikroTik, Latvia) - -
10:15 NEW User Manager possibilities by Sergejs Boginskis (MikroTik, Latvia) - -
11:00 Advanced Load Balance and Failover Workshop by Valens Riyadi (Citraweb, Indonesia) - -
11:45 Lunch (Free for PAID and VOUCHER visitors) - -
13:30 Seamless Wireless Roaming with tunnel by Nico Malun (Ufoakses,Indonesia) - -
14:15 Introduction to IPv6 on Mikrotik RouterOS by Christian Dwinantyo (D-NET, Indonesia) - -
15:00 OSPF Routing Workshop by Antonius Duty Susilo (SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra malang , Indonesia) - -
15:45 Municipal wisp network using MikroTik by Mat Dawam (Landasan, Malaysia) - -

Nov 07, Saturday

Time More info Files Video
08:00 Check-in, Bring your printed BADGE - -
09:00 Distributor exhibit hall, morning coffee, chat and meet - -
09:30 RouterOS Centralized Backup using Perl by Herry Darmawan (Spectrum, Indonesia) - -
10:15 Advanced QoS in Hotspot system by Novan Chris (Citraweb, Indonesia) - -
11:00 Best Network Practice with Nstreme-Dual by Budiarto (Ufoakses, Indonesia) - -
11:45 Lunch (Free for PAID and VOUCHER visitors) - -
13:30 Introduction to Mikrotik RouterOS API by Akbar (Ufoakses, Indonesia) - -
14:15 MPLS test case by Harijanto Pribadi (Data Utama, Indonesia) - -
15:00 MikroTik in Antarctica by Jaromir Cihak (Sys-Data, Czech Republic) - -
15:30 RouterBOARD 750 presentation by Sergejs Boginskis (MikroTik, Latvia) - -
16:00 RouterOS 3G Modem Applications by Arnis Riekstins, (MikroTik, Latvia) - -
16:30 Raffle and closing of MUM - -

Speaker Profiles and Presentation Abstracts

NEW User Manager possibilities

The presentation demonstrates new MikroTik User Manager possibilities. MikroTik User Manager is RADIUS-based management system, which is used to control authentication and accounting for HotSpot, DHCP, Wireless, PPP users. User Manager is integrated to the RouterOS package and it can make any MikroTik router as powerful RADIUS management server just within few clicks. The Workshop covers all new features added to the new User Manager, new interfaces, how to change User Manager appearance, new credit/profiles system, future plans and much more.

Advanced Load Balance and Failover Workshop

Topik ini akan membahas beberapa metode untuk melakukan load balance dan fail over dengan beberapa gateway internet. Beberapa hal yang juga akan dibahas adalah penerapan load balance untuk trafik dari proxy server, dan juga bagaimana membuat bandwidth managementnya

Seamless Wireless Roaming with tunnel

I will explain and practice how will we build indoor wireless roaming is integrated with another devices (etc. Hotspot and Voip ). Discussion about : 1. Transparently wireless Bridge with eoip tunnel 2. Combination of wireless and cable network 3. using Virtual Access Point a.1 SSID for hotspot b. another SSID for voip 4. Roaming System

RouterOS Centralized Backup using Perl

This topic will discuss the ability to configure and backup RouterOS using Perl programming languange. The first issue is to discuss how Perl can accommodate the need for centralized backup using email, telnet, and ftp. There will be some explanation about several methods for centralized backup including the background consideration of why we need centralized backup and the idea behind them.

Advanced QoS in Hotspot system

Pada fitur hotspot, kita bisa mengatur limitasi kecepatan untuk setiap user, dan limitasi ini secara otomatis akan terbuat pada saat seorang user login. Namun, ada beragam fitur QoS yang tidak bisa kita terapkan dengan cara ini. Topik ini akan membahas pengaturan QoS yang lebih advanced untuk hotspot.

Best Network Practice with Nstreme-Dual

The presentation will be based on combining nstreme dual + vlan to create a shared backbone for all the service provider

Introduction to Mikrotik RouterOS API

Topik ini akan mencoba memperkenalkan fitur API yang dimiliki oleh Mikrotik RouterOS. Selain pengenalan, kita juga akan melihat beberapa contoh penggunaan API yang dapat di implementasikan di lingkungan network kita.

RouterBOARD 750 presentation

The presentation is about MikroTik's new amazing product, RouterBOARD 750, with powerful MikroTik RouterOS inside. The presentation covers specific characteristics of the new router, extreme throughput performance, speedy switch option, small and nice white enclosure, new web-interface, and other new options.

RouterOS 3G Modem Applications

The workshop demonstrates MikroTik RouterOS support for GSM 3G modem applications. A brief overview is given about RouterOS and RouterBoard based systems for Internet access over 3G mobile networks. Practical examples are given of configuring and monitoring data connections, as well as sending and receiving SMS via the modem. Troubleshooting is discussed regarding hardware configuration and wireless connectivity.