USA on September 03 - 04, 2009

Agenda for MUM in USA, SEPTEMBER 2009

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Sep 02, Wednesday

Time More info Files Video
18:00 Welcome Drinks and MUM Check-in - -

Sep 03, Thursday

Time More info Files Video
07:00 Check in, bring barcoded Badge - -
08:00 Opening and introduction by Janis Jankovskis (MikroTik, Latvia) - -
08:15 RouterBOARD roadmap by Normunds Rustanovics (MikroTik, Latvia) - -
08:45 NEW User Manager possibilities, demo by Sergejs Boginskis (MikroTik, Latvia) - -
09:30 METARouter Configuration by Brian Vargyas (Baltic Networks, USA) presentation file -
10:15 Long Distance Wireless Multi-Links by Andres Castro (Intelioffice, Colombia) - -
11:00 High Performance RouterOS by Dennis Burgess (Link Technologies, USA) presentation file -
11:45 Lunch Time. Lunch is free for Paid and Voucher visitors - -
12:45 RouterOS and USB devices by Arnis Riekstins (MikroTik, Latvia) - -
13:15 802.11n workshop by Steve Discher (, USA) presentation file -
14:00 QoS Workshop by Valens Riyadi, (Citraweb, Indonesia) presentation file -
14:45 VPN configuration examples by Butch Evans (USA) - -
15:30 Gatespot + MikroTik Hotspot workshop by Eje Gustafsson (WISP-Router, USA) - -
16:00 Drinks in Exhibit hall sponsored by Streakwave - -

Sep 04, Friday

Time More info Files Video
07:00 Check-in, bring barcoded Badge - -
08:15 Instant Revenue HotSpot Using MikroTik, AirCard and PayPal by Steve Discher (, USA) - -
09:00 QoS workshop by Janis Megis (MikroTik, Latvia) presentation file -
09:45 Wireless installations and IP streaming by Robert W Clark, (Bulleri Internet, USA) presentation file -
10:30 Dude Integration by Steven Zilis (Wireless Metro, USA) - -
11:15 Done in 60 Seconds! by Tim Kataras (Poynting, South Africa/USA) - -
12:00 Lunch Time. Lunch is free for Paid and Voucher visitors - -
13:00 MikroTik installations by Randy Fischer (USA) - -
13:30 MPLS possibilities and features by Janis Megis (MikroTik, Latvia) presentation file -
14:15 Dude Workshop by Mike Delp (Linktech, USA) presentation file -
14:45 RouterBOARD 750 presentation by Sergejs Boginskis (MikroTik, Latvia) - -
15:00 Raffle and closing of MUM - -

Speaker Profiles and Presentation Abstracts

Gatespot + MikroTik Hotspot workshop

Gatespot + MikroTik Hotspot workshop showing how to setup a hotspot with wall garden and use Gatespot a centralized Hotspot signup solution with message system. With Gatespot and special configuration on MikroTik I have created a system that allows the administrator to send messages to specific users, groups and users accessing through a specific hotspot device to for example send a message informing about service work, issues or other events related to this location. The message can be displayed single time, multiple times, between certain dates or a certain amount of views. This system was original created for a customer that is maintaining internet access to several school campus MTU's where they would like to send either internet service work related messages or for the apartment management to be able to send messages to individuals or all their tenants in regards to work being done with the buildings or other important messages instead of posting messages around the MTU or sending individual letters to all their tenants.

Instant Revenue HotSpot Using MikroTik, AirCard and PayPal

With the release of the RB433UAH and support for cellular aircards, it is now possible to deploy a revenue producing hotspot in any location that has cellular coverage and a source of electricity. This makes it possible to create instant hotspots with self administered accounts purchased with by credit card or a PayPal account that require little or no user intervention. This presentation describes the configuration steps necessary to accomplish this

Done in 60 Seconds!

Presentation that features how easy it is to install Mikrotik boards in new Mikropoint housings. The presentation includes a short video showing a 16 hour submersion test of a live Mikrotik Router board in our MikroPoynt.