Poland on March 01 - 02, 2010


Each year, more and more MikroTik Distributors, Accessory makers and MFM program participants are presenting their products and services at the ever growing MikroTik User Meetings.

If you are interested to participate as Exhibitor, please contact sales@mikrotik.com

  • Crown Tech (Hungary)
    Crown Tech (Hungary)
  • AluPro (Poland)
    AluPro (Poland)
  • Kavian (Iran)
    Kavian (Iran)
  • Wispmax (Italy)
    Wispmax (Italy)
  • RF Elements (Slovakia)
    RF Elements (Slovakia)
  • Citynetz24 (Germany)
    Citynetz24 (Germany)
  • Jirous (Czech Republic)
    Jirous (Czech Republic)
  • 4Wifi (Poland)
    4Wifi (Poland)
  • Titan Wireless (USA)
    Titan Wireless (USA)
  • Cyberbajt (Poland)
    Cyberbajt (Poland)
  • ATS (Poland)
    ATS (Poland)
  • Net Service (Czech Republic)
    Net Service (Czech Republic)
  • Interprojekt (Poland)
    Interprojekt (Poland)
  • Linkit (Italy)
    Linkit (Italy)
  • Discomp (Czech Republic)
    Discomp (Czech Republic)
  • Itelite (Poland)
    Itelite (Poland)
  • Wi4net (Italy)
    Wi4net (Italy)
  • Technologic (Poland)
    Technologic (Poland)
  • Arts-NET (Poland)
    Arts-NET (Poland)
  • Wifiprofi (Czech Republic)
    Wifiprofi (Czech Republic)