Europe on March 30 - 31, 2017


Each year, more and more MikroTik Distributors, Accessory makers and MFM program participants are presenting their products and services at the ever growing MikroTik User Meetings.

If you are interested to participate as Exhibitor, please contact

  • IP ArchiTechs Managed Services, LLC (USA)
    IP ArchiTechs Managed Services, LLC (USA)
  • meconet (Germany)
    meconet (Germany)
  • Interprojekt (Poland)
    Interprojekt (Poland)
  • (Italy) (Italy)
  • Splynx ISP Framework (Czech Republic)
    Splynx ISP Framework (Czech Republic)
  • i4wifi (Czech Republic)
    i4wifi (Czech Republic)
  • Allnet.Italia S.p.A. (Italy)
    Allnet.Italia S.p.A. (Italy)
  • TRIOTRONIK Computer und Netzwerktechnik GmbH
    TRIOTRONIK Computer und Netzwerktechnik GmbH
  • Neostar (Italy)
    Neostar (Italy)
  • Discomp (Czech Republic)
    Discomp (Czech Republic)
  • Cyberteam (Poland)
    Cyberteam (Poland)
  • BATNA Anteny 24 (Poland)
    BATNA Anteny 24 (Poland)
  • IT Global Consulting (Italy)
    IT Global Consulting (Italy)
  • SICE (Italy)
    SICE (Italy)
  • PCV Computers (Czech Republic)
    PCV Computers (Czech Republic)
  • CDR (Poland)
    CDR (Poland)
  • Konsorcium ATS (Poland)
    Konsorcium ATS (Poland)
  • Grifonline (Italy)
    Grifonline (Italy)
  • FMS (Germany)
    FMS (Germany)
  • Fibertechnik
  • Jirous (Czech Republic)
    Jirous (Czech Republic)
  • PROMETEO (Italy)
    PROMETEO (Italy)
  • Falesia Systemy (Poland)
    Falesia Systemy (Poland)
  • Deltalink Electronic (Turkey)
    Deltalink Electronic (Turkey)
  • Televés Italia S.R.L.
    Televés Italia S.R.L.
  • Vapor WiFi
    Vapor WiFi
  • Nim Wave (Italy)
    Nim Wave (Italy)
  • Pluscom (Poland)
    Pluscom (Poland)
  • 9 DOT Srl (Italy)
    9 DOT Srl (Italy)
  • Level 7 (Italy)
    Level 7 (Italy)
  • Pionaria (Hong Kong)
    Pionaria (Hong Kong)
  • Wispmon (USA)
    Wispmon (USA)
  • Elber (Italy)
    Elber (Italy)
  • WirLab (Italy)
    WirLab (Italy)
  • Townet (Italy)
    Townet (Italy)
  • Netsodis (Slovakia)
    Netsodis (Slovakia)
  • Baltic Networks (USA)
    Baltic Networks (USA)
  • ISPadmin (Czech Republic)
    ISPadmin (Czech Republic)
  • Megavista Online S.L (Spain)
    Megavista Online S.L (Spain)
  • Axiros
  • Assoprovide Associazione (Italy)
    Assoprovide Associazione (Italy)
  • Encapto WiFi (Australia)
    Encapto WiFi (Australia)
  • MTI Wireless Edge Ltd. (Israel)
    MTI Wireless Edge Ltd. (Israel)
  • WiFI-Texas (USA)
    WiFI-Texas (USA)
  • MS Distribution (United Kingdom)
    MS Distribution (United Kingdom)
  • Xbest (Poland)
    Xbest (Poland)
  • AL Wireless a.s. (Czech Republic)
    AL Wireless a.s. (Czech Republic)
  • Racom (Czech Republic)
    Racom (Czech Republic)
  • Talaia (Spain)
    Talaia (Spain)