Netherlands on April 29, 2019

Agenda for MUM in Netherlands, APRIL 2019

updated on 2019-03-13 09:56:46 GMT+02:00

Apr 29, Monday

Time Presentation Files Video
09:00 Check-in and Exhibitor hall opens. Bring your printed tickets - -
10:00 Opening and introduction, new products by MikroTik - -
10:45 Wireless workshop by Menno van Krimpen (Libernet B.V., Netherlands) - -
11:15 MikroTik Quality of Service in VoIP networks by Aris Vink (SDC B.V., Netherlands) - -
12:00 Management and monitoring approaches for RouterOS by Patrik Schaub (FMS Internetservice GmbH, Germany) - -
12:45 Lunch - -
14:15 Let's take a look at the Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) - Reasons to switch from RSTP to MSTP. by Sebastian Inacker (FMS Internetservice GmbH, Germany) - -
15:00 The Dude by Henk Veldkamp (MikroTrain, Netherlands) - -
15:45 Wireless to Wireless by Payam Poursaied (Payam, Canada) - -
16:15 Raffle and closing of MUM - -
16:30 Beer & Soft Drinks by MikroTik, Socializing & Networking - -

Speaker Profiles and Presentation Abstracts

Wireless workshop

Wireless workshop

MikroTik Quality of Service in VoIP networks

In this presentation we will talk about the requirements of VoIP traffic in company networks and how to adress them with RouterOS queing mechanisms.

Management and monitoring approaches for RouterOS

Operation is becoming an important challenge in today’s network environment. A constantly growing number of devices, more complex structures and more critical services require network professionals to have the best insight possible into their infrastructure. This presentation will introduce different tools and solutions, which help network operators to do their work efficiently and to detect and solve networking issues as early as possible.

Let's take a look at the Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) - Reasons to switch from RSTP to MSTP.

MSTP is different from RSTP, so you have to understand and test new things - also you may already know the functionality of RSTP. (Or you had been able to ignore all the details because it just works.) So why learn new things? Features - of course. I will explain the fundamentals you need to know to understand the available configuration options for your MSTP setup. I will also talk about and show setups, where you should build your network with MSTP instead of RSTP.

The Dude

I will present the the dude in general but wan't to focus on adjusting the appearance with Functions and SNMP (number of clients on an access point for instance). Also I wan't to give an overview of adding tools, adding notification options or adding charts or networks.

Wireless to Wireless

This is the the material I presented during my "Train the Trainer" course and it was about how to utilize MikroTik Virtual Wireless interface for having "Client" and "AP" simultaneously and use that for connecting a few clients to the main wireless network without disclosing the actual clients