South Africa on February 07, 2020

Agenda for MUM in South Africa, FEBRUARY 2020

updated on 2020-01-09 10:04:23 GMT+02:00

Feb 07, Friday

Time Presentation Files Video
09:00 Check-in and Exhibitor hall opens. Bring your printed tickets - -
10:00 Opening and introduction, new products by MikroTik by Normunds Rustanovics - -
10:30 Effective Web Content Filtering and Clean Internet using MikroTik RouterOS by Andrew Wilson - -
11:15 IoT welcomes MikroTik by Hannes Willemse (MiRO Distribution, South Africa) - -
12:00 Lunch - -
13:30 Mobile Wifi with GPS Tracking using Mikrotik's LtAP by Timothy Symonds (Scoop Distribution, South Africa) - -
14:00 MikroTik and Behaviour based IDS by Paul Greeff - -
14:45 BGP vs OSPF vs RIP vs MME - Battle of the Dynamic Protocols by David Savage (MikroTikSA, South Africa) - -
15:30 Trainers: Improvise, Adapt & Grow by Victor Kemp (Voxtelecom, South Africa) - -
16:15 RouterOS workshop or case study. Register for the MUM to sign up for a presentation slot. - -
17:00 Raffle and closing of MUM - -

Speaker Profiles and Presentation Abstracts

Effective Web Content Filtering and Clean Internet using MikroTik RouterOS

This presentation will show users how to create a robust Internet Content Filter as well as human readable reports into their Internet traffic using the MikroTik RouterOS.

IoT welcomes MikroTik

1. What is IoT - where can we use it, case study.
2. Equipment needed - Sensor/Actuator, Internet/Network, Storage/Analyzing platforms, Application/Action.
3. Sensor connectivity technologies - Why LoRa
4. Internet gateways - Why MikroTik
5. Storage platform - Why The Things Network
6. Applications.
7. Simple sample using MikroTik.

Mobile Wifi with GPS Tracking using Mikrotik's LtAP

We have always loved the idea of being able to provide basic internet services to our own company vehicles as well as being able to track them with one device. This is how we did it.

MikroTik and Behaviour based IDS

This presentation will illustrate to users how, using their MikroTiks they can provide effective and proactive IDS that will address known and unknown threats as well as zero day attacks, identify and kill ransomware connections and much more.

BGP vs OSPF vs RIP vs MME - Battle of the Dynamic Protocols

MikroTik provides a number of dynamic routing protocols that can be deployed to build robust, fault tolerant layer 3 networks. This presentation will explore the fundamental differences between these protocols, and help provide guidelines on when to deploy them and why.

Trainers: Improvise, Adapt & Grow

Trainers: Improvise, Adapt & Grow
For all who are interested in becoming a MikroTik trainer, the presentation to follow will give some idea of what is involved, along with some of the challenges and rewards.
Part 1
Brief description in what is involved in becoming a trainer from my perspective.
Lobbying for company approval
Deciding on which TTT to attend
Getting to Latvia
Experiences in Latvia
The course, The trainer, the class

Part 2
Setting up a training session
Plan calendar and advertise
Waiting for bookings and some of the questions we receive

Part 3
The Venue and its challenges
Finding, booking, approval, etc
Does it meet the needs?
Arriving early to check and prep
Internet, WiFi, food, beverages
Seating, power, facilities

Part 4
Class starts
On time? Hah!
Murphy’s law
Equipment malfunctions
Students setting up

Part 5
Classroom challenges
The Bright vs the Not So Bright
Challenges your knowledge Challenges your patience
1-3 anecdotes more anecdotes

Part 6
The Exam and Certification
The talk
Technical challenges
Tears and Joy

To be a successful trainer is to learn how to Improvise, Adapt and Grow.