Canada on September 24, 2019

Agenda for MUM in Canada, SEPTEMBER 2019

updated on 2019-07-10 16:46:58 GMT+03:00

Sep 24, Tuesday

Time Presentation Files Video
09:00 Check-in and Exhibitor hall opens. Bring your printed tickets - -
10:00 Opening and introduction, new products by MikroTik - -
10:45 Wireless Registration Table, VoIP Security, challenges and solutions by Hani Rahrouh (Hani Rahrouh-, Canada) - -
11:45 How to get protected from common threats with MikroTik RouterOS by Wilmer Almazan (Mikrotik Network Solutions, Canada) - -
12:15 Lunch - -
13:45 How to use the Macrotick router as a platform to deliver innovative business solutions. by Jovan Strika (ElastaLink, Canada) - -
14:30 Wireless to Wireless by Payam Poursaied (Payam, Canada) - -
15:15 Case study: Customer Enabled Monitoring and Access Control by Jeff King (Mr, Canada) - -
16:00 CAPsMAN, real life uses by Alain Casault, ing. (CSPE, Canada) - -
16:45 Raffle and closing of MUM - -

Speaker Profiles and Presentation Abstracts

Wireless Registration Table, VoIP Security, challenges and solutions

Monitoring, Notification, Syslog...!!! It's a tool every Network administrator know about the power of The Dude! The best practice on how to set up MikroTik Wireless devices. How to secure VoIP network in using MikroTik Router.

How to get protected from common threats with MikroTik RouterOS

Five minutes is the average amount of time it takes for a device to be attacked once plugged into the Internet. Network Security is fundamental to be successful in our daily activities. Mikrotik RouterOS offers a powerful firewall to protect our assets. Learn how to deploy a security plan using Mikrotik RouterOS with some practical examples.

How to use the Macrotick router as a platform to deliver innovative business solutions.

In this presentation ElastaLink of Ottawa, a successful one-stop IT services provider, will show you how we leverage the MikroTik hardware to deliver new solutions that solve client's business problems. ElastaLink will share real-world, practical and creative solutions that are only possible because of the flexibility and range of capabilities of the Macrotick router.

Wireless to Wireless

Back in 2016 MikroTik added a nice and unique feature to the RouterOS and RouterBOARDs which allows utilizing "Virtual Wireless Interface" to have simultaneously two interfaces one in AP mode and the other in Station mode on a single radio. This presentation aims to review such configuration and some of the applications which are possible based on this feature and the drawbacks. One of the main applications of this solution is securing actual clients and preventing the disclosure of them by putting the nodes behind a simple and handy RouterBOARD while connecting to a wireless network.

Case study: Customer Enabled Monitoring and Access Control

Case study: Two ISP’s serving the rural communities in North California’s Winters, Davies, Wilton, Elk Grove, Lodi and Clarksburg both recognised they needed to step up to deliver a better service to their customers including: • new capabilities that would encourage new customers onto their network • reduced operational costs to maintain price competitiveness This is a case study of how they achieved both of these goals using MikroTik in the data centre, towers and at the customer premises, and by taking advantage of MikroTik’s high capability API. Presentation topics: What does better service mean? • Supporting IOT for home internet services, not just streaming and browsing • “Take care of my service but let me see what is happening, let me fix simple issues, let me control what the kids can access, and let me limit their time on line... but make it dead easy for me” How this reduced operational costs: • Customers can: see who in the home is on line and who is hogging their service see if the latest wifi gadget they bought is interfering with their service delivery see you delivered the port forwarding they requested for remote camera access/ home automation • which means less support, calls are made to gadget vendors not us • Customers can: set up a content filter on their children’s devices and control the times they can access the network (a drag and drop, non technical user version of Kid Control) • Which means happy customers and something they will pay extra for Demonstrate API access using python, PHP and Javascript: • Show code for traffic capture using API in python and PHP and execute to see result • Show code for javascript real time update gauge and execute to see moving gauge Briefly show: • the 4 simple monitoring and self service screens we presented securely to our home and business users, together with the simple kid control (point and click): ... select target child’s laptop from list of connected devices ... select “off times” weekly schedule boxes ... click confirm Case study conclusion: • Cutting support time and costs – reduced calls, the effect of customer self help • Improved quality of service • Smooth transition of ageing (non MikroTik) CPE routers to MikroTik as they are retired • Cost savings and gains • Customer quotes 30 mins presentation up to 15 mins Q and A

CAPsMAN, real life uses

Be it for a home, a small company or a larger enterprise, MikroTik's CAPsMAN can be used to address your wireless needs. From a local controller (CAPs Manager) with a few access points (CAPs) to a centralized controller driving many (distributed) access points in remote sites, we'll see how CAPsMAN can deliver solid corporate wireless services. Offering hosted services? CAPsMAN is also the solution.